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Thread: brno zkk 600

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    brno zkk 600

    ive the chance of buying a good nick brno zkk 600 in 270 at a good price being a tikka man ive never really come across brno s much is there any users out there who could advise thanks swatty

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    I've a Brno ZKK601 in .308.
    It is very accurate.
    Sportsmatch do 1"mounts that fit correctly on the 19mm dovetail mount and will shortly be bringing out 30mm mounts for the same.
    I personally like the wood stock. Mine is not the set trigger model that many of these seem to be and it does have a small amount of trigger creep prior to a crisp release which I can live with.
    Its not a Sako or Tikka but neither is it Sako or Tikka prices.
    I'd go for it if .270 is for you as these rifles have done all the depreciation they are likely to do.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    got the zkk601 in 30-06 and love it, just in the middle of restoring it, re-bluing iit, etc. etc. paid less than 150 as far as I recall, and it was in fantastic shape..I also shoot .22lr Brno' fact, I could die happy only shooting brno's!

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    Hi swatty, I'm a big fan of the tikka's too, but the greatest rifle I've ever used has to be my old fellas zkk in .308, it is the luckiest rifle I've ever shot, I've never missed a thing with it, i swear it bends bullets in if there missing!!! Not that pretty to some but I think it's great it only wears a little 6 x 42 s+b and it's all it needs, never loses zero, never needs any attention, only thing I want leaving in the will!!! So yes you could say I'm a small fan!! Atb

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    The good points are they are very accurate. The bad points are that they often come with the AWFUL set trigger and on some a *******ised "faux Weatherby" stock. Plus the safety catch functions arse about face.

    Now if you can get one with the normal trigger and in an "English" style stock with front sling swivel on the barrel band you are in the money!

    I had two of these in 270 Winchester and the most accurate one would shoot 1/2" at 100 yards off IRON SIGHTS.

    The original Zeiss-Jena 'scopes were good for the 1960s but are really outclassed by most modern stuff. However the ORIGINAL BRNO MOUNT for these is superb.

    My advice?

    If it has the "English" style stock, the normal trigger and the original BRNO dedicated mount and Zeiss-Jena 4x 'scope buy it.

    But...if it has the set trigger, the "faux Weatherby" stock and you've any other rifle in your battery with a conventional side of bolt safety catch? Pass it.

    NB. Spare parts are NON-EXISTENT! BEWARE!

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    hhmm, to each their own, I actually don't think the stock is half bad, mind I'm having a custom made for it to boot my restoration project. The set trigger is really not that bad, the 'set' version is locked in with a screw on the trigger blade, and it will then function as a normal trigger with a slack pull area, if you play around with the weight settings and the blade/set screw, you can actually get a rather nice and smooth take up to a resistance point where you know it's about to break - this is good if you are following moving deer and are waiting for that split second opportunity, you can keep the trigger pulled back 'into' the takeup zone and relax it the more the deer is moving out of position, and get more progressive in your takeup towards a break the more the deer moves towards a shot opportunity. if you don't follow me, don't worry, perhaps I'm nuts! LOL...

    if you renovate the stock, even replace the forend tip and the grip cap, it will look rather decent too.

    as for the normal trigger, if it comes with the 'normal' trigger blade, it will work like a normal trigger, but with a lot of takeup/creep - you get used to it, and it will become second nature to use.

    the safety - as long as the original rubber compound is still in the little recess, it will work flawlessly, but it de-safe's by pushing it forwards, the opposite to most others, so you can on a tired day end up walking around with your rifle off safe and put it on safe when you are about to take a shot - again, you'll get used to it and will become 2nd nature.

    The one's with the sight aperture recessed into the rear mounting block may even have a rear barrel flip leaf sight, those are great, if you see one, buy it, irrespective of trigger or stock! if this is what you have access to and you don't want it, please pass it on :-)

    'my' advice, depends on price - if you're getting it at a PROPER deal, then don't even think about which version it is - get it. if it's over the 300 mark and it's the set trigger (ps. it should come with a spare trigger blade, a bolt tool, rear sight, front bead, and a front hood - in its perfect form) and the 'faux' weatherby stock, be more hesitant to buy it than if it was the english stocked with the sight aperture in the mounting block/receiver and the blade trigger.

    let us know what it is

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    Oh deal PKL may I suggest you look at your rifle again ................................... ZKK 600 = Long action. ZKK 601 = short action i.e .308/.243 ........................ ZKK 602 = magnum action i.e .300 Win mag.

    This is my ZKK 601 in .308:-

    With Zeiss Jena ZF4.N scope in Brno mount. Note they also did a 6x scope ZF6/N which fits this mount and the longer Brno mount for the ZKK 600.

    Nice bit of work there.

    I brought mine new with the compensation for the theft of our pistols as a Christmas Present to myself. Got it on Christmas Eve after a bit of a search for one as the new 550 was out and I prefer the ZKK to the 550. It came witht eh sett trigger fitted which I removed and fitted the std blade. They used to come with the std blade as well that was with the bolt stripping tool in the little red pouch that the bolt can fit into.

    The ZKK did not have a free floated barrel so check if it's been messed with or not .

    Scope mounts are quite easy to find. Hilver made them as do Warne and Leupold to mention but three. IMHO avoid the Millet ones as they are rubbish ....................... Been there and got the T-shirt.

    If one is handy with rasps, saw, files and glass paper then the Deluxe stock can be re-shaped to a much more pleasing style. The barrel band on mine was made from a scrap SA80 gas block/fore sight mount as the front sling loop was in the way of my left hand. It uses the std Brno loop and screw to retain it to the band.

    The Californian gunsmith and artisan Lon Paul has made a name for himself re-working Brnos into top notch custom rifles. he will also go over a standard one and smooth it all out and work over the trigger removing all creep so it is possibly although I am unsure how to remove the creep so mine still has a little in it. I also did not find the action rough but it seems some do. I did wipe a meduim stone along the feed lip on the action as there was a sharp edge there that left a scratch on the case. no burr just a sharp edge. A couple of strokes and it was taken care of.

    I do not understand the problem some have with the safety catch. Sure it works different to others but then the one on my BSA majestic .270 is different to the one on my .243 majestic which is different to the Model E and that's different to the P-H 1100M etc. If someone cannot manage a difference in safety catch perhaps they should question if they should be using the rifle at all! After all one drive different vehicles that had different controls yet we don't hear this nonsense about that do we!

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    Kev, you don't take any prisoners do you? LOL...

    I did mean 600, it was just a wee early to think straight on beery eyes! I'm very keen to see some drawings or pictures of how lon paul removes the creep! wonder if he'd be willing to share his secret..

    for what it's worth, I removed the front pressure bedding area in mine, and only 'then' did it start shooting properly. bizarre as it was designed with the bedding block, but nevertheless, the truth..mind, I will be glass bedding the new stock to support the pillars and action, so there's no excessive pressure on the wood due to it being floated,,,,which I can imagine 'would' cause issues with the original stock, as the wood is by no means the most expensive out there.

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    Well I am wide awake as been up since fairly early....................... Oh about 05:15. Rook/Crow scaring duties you know. Mind you he got me I nice wee Waskely Wabbit that was taking shelter under the small Christmas tree in the lawn. One less to much the flowers and shrubs.

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    my new pup woke me up at 5:15 for breakfeast spent the next 2 hrs trying to convince him to go back to sleep and that playing at that time of day is not in the cards! LOL...since then my day has been rather groggy..oh well, going stalking tomorrow morning and I don't give a d@mn how much it's raining

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