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Thread: 25-06 opinoins

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    25-06 opinoins

    Just looking at a change of calibre and have found a 25-06 I like the look of.
    Fancy the calibre as a replacement for the .243 (and possibly .308 too)
    I love the .243 and use it for everything, fox through to reds (no big discussions as to whether its enough gun please) but just fancy a change.
    So the 25-06 looks like a good choice. I dont load and to be honest am not bothered about the cost of factory ammo considering the amount I use.
    Really just looking for opinions on the calibre from those who use or have used, with pro's and cons.......

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    Used a 25-06 a lot in the past for Sika and roe. Great calibre with 100grn bullets.

    And just to get my tuppence worth in before you are told it is not much of a step up from the .243 (if that is what you are looking for), it is! Just look at some ballistic tables to see the gain over a .243 with similar weigh bullets and remember the 120's are a good option as well.

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    just swapped my 25/06 for a 243,didnt really get on with it and wished id never swapped it for my 22/250 as it was to be a red legal but mainly foxing rifle but I did not have time to get loads developed for it and used factory 117 and 120g sp,s.It was accurate and i shot hinds out to 300yards with it but i felt it was doing more damage than the 308 on chest shots and on foxes it was punching through without expanding and i lost confidence in it and used 308 for everything after that!seen hundreds of deer and foxes shot with 243 and always done the job so that will do me.

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    If your looking to shoot foxes to Reds then I would say the 25-06 is very much the choice of calibre. I love the round to bits. The best way I can describe it is that of a .243 on steriods. It can deliver a 100grn bullet with a bit more punch. I ran 117 grn noslers from mine when I had it. I only got rid of it as I had a break from Stalking, this time round I have no interest in shooting larger deer, Im happy with Roe. Go on treat yourself you wont regret it.

    The only problem I had was meat damage, I often lost the front end from a Roe without even touching the legs, I over came this by shooting a bit farther back and taking the lungs out. But that was probably down to bullet choice..

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    I've had 25-06's for 12 years,nice cal,great long range varminter too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuttyspaniel View Post
    The best way I can describe it is that of a .243 on steroids. It can deliver a 100grn bullet with a bit more punch.
    Agreed, it's just as sweet-shooting as a .243 with a slightly flatter trajectory and about 20% more hitting power.

    Comparing factory 100grn rounds in both calibres (my own chronographed data) the .25-06 hits as hard at 100, 200 and 300yards as the .243 does at 0, 100 and 200. Or put another way, if you shoot a deer at 200 yards with a .25-06 the bullet strikes with the same energy as if you'd fired from 100 yards with a .243.

    If you fancy a change, I'm sure you won't regret it.

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    I have used a 25-06 for about 6 years. I mainly reload 100 gn Nosler BT's and 100 gn Sierra GK's doing about 3250 fps. The only factory ammo I've used was federal fusion 120 gn soft points giving about 3100 fps. they cost me £23 a box, group just under the inch mark at 100 yds but now cost over £30. My mate has had good results in his Tikka m695 with the federal classic ammo that has 117 grain bullets.


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    Used a .243Win for many years on everything. Then nine years ago I bought a 25-06Rem. The .243 rarely came out of the cupboard after that. Excellent cartridge will take everything in the UK + other stuff. Great flat shooting round with loads of punch & mine works best with both 90gn & 100gn bullets.
    Good move if you fancy a change.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    [QUOTE=Z-Plex;396869]Agreed, it's just as sweet-shooting as a .243 with a slightly flatter trajectory and about 20% more hitting power.

    +1 and if I didn't use a .25-06 for everything in the UK I would use a .243 (I don't shoot boar in the UK). Extra punch without extra recoil. Love it on reds and foxes on the hill. Flat, powerful and easy. For factory buys, 100gr Nosler BT does perfectly although I found Sako 117gr better grouping on paper and IMO you're left with better brass for reloading.

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    i used to shoot a heym 243 for roe and just to be different i traded it in for a 25 06 and i am not dissapointed ,i have never looked back it is a steyr man. its accurate ,its stopping power is great the 'rifle' is good ! the caliber is excellent no excesive damage to the carcase i cannot sing its praises enough ,i used it on red and sika with 115 gr and was happy with it but i have a 270 now for red and sika so i do use that for the big stuff and once my 115 gr are finished i will move down in bullet weight for the 25 06 ,i know its everyone to there own but if i was asked for an all round caliber for deer and fox thats the one!! it is the only caliber i have settled on .sorry to repeat myself but i find it is the best 'roe' caliber i have used so my opinion is basing it against 223, 243, 6.5x55, 22-250 .just to throw a spanner in the works the 6mm ppc would be a close second for the roe but you require it for reds too so 25 06 all the way brilliant all rounder i guarantee you wont regret it .

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