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Thread: Trail camera fixing?

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    Trail camera fixing?

    I decided to get myself a trail camera, more for general wildlife watching and the like rather than just to assist with my stalking but I will certainly be trying to get some sika photos as well.

    As with many I brought a Bushnell Trophy Cam in from the USA and it arrived today.

    It ships with what looks like a 1 inch webbing strap with a couple of rather fragile plastic "snap buckle" type things on the end and I don't see this as going to be a good long term, or even short term, solution for fixing to trees as I think it will be hard to get sufficient tension in the strap to secure the camera at the required height.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for fixing methods? Mostly I will be attaching around trees but as you might imagine the diameter will vary from inches to several feet. Can you get 1 inch endless ratchet straps that might do the job and does anyone know of a good source? Would they adjust from inches to feet?

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    i have same camera and have used it for 18 months
    never had a problem with strap and it works fine
    if i need to alter angle of camera i use a small stick behind it angeling camera up or down
    strap holds fine
    regards andy

    forgot to say i fasten strap then pull both loose ends to get tension

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    These are ideal and offer a little bit more protection from the opportunist tea leaf

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Caorach,

    I've got a bushnell cam and purchased a hard metal bear case with it.

    I removed the web straps and use a python lock similar to the above which passes through the steel box and built in round holes on the back of your camera.

    It makes it secure, theft resistant at the very least and anchors it well. Angle is achieved by a twig or two pushing out the top and it works well.


    Robbo 25

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wsm View Post
    These are ideal and offer a little bit more protection from the opportunist tea leaf

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	41Mp20rCj4L._SS400_.jpg 
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    Where can you get these and how much are they? On my old cameras I had a hooped cable and padlock but my new ones' holes are too small to get the cables' hoops through, these look ideal.

    I also branded my post code on the old one so it could be tracked if stolen - as soon as I did I thought it was my worse idea every thinking about antis

    As for angle i just use the strap, insert a twig/branch either above or below the strap behind the box and then use the spare bit of strap to wind round it tightly to keep it all in place.
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    I use cable ties, that way diameter of fixing points isn't a problem. If someone wants to steal it they will whatever you do unfortunately.

    I cammed mine up a bit with tape sprayed in colours and used spray glue to attach local foliage to the tape, obviously without covering the lenses etc!! Worked a treat, in as much as it wasn't tampered with and my mate struggled to find it until he really looked.

    Pull the tape off and the camera looks good as new.

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    I got mine from Amazon but a google search of adjustable cable locks throws up several retailers.They're around the 20 mark

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    I've just sorted out some brown 32mm x 3m camlok cargo straps from Ebay for my cameras, as the straps that came with it are a bit flimsy, plus I've ordered a couple of 5mm high security cables with eye loops in case I need to put them somewhere more public and use a padlock.

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