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Thread: Isle of Rhum and MULL

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    Isle of Rhum and MULL

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails claire photos rum 023.jpg   claire photos rum 006.jpg   david pics 043.jpg   david pics 050.jpg   rum photos 015.jpg  

    claire photos rum 025.jpg   david pics 059.jpg   rum photos 022.jpg   rum photos 072.jpg   david pics 001.jpg  

    rum photos 109.jpg   rum photos 057.jpg   rum photos 236.jpg  

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    Fantastic photos mate, tell me a bit more about stalking on Rhum?

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    great photos,very inspiring,thanks for day i will go and do that....

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    great place to stalk was oot working for the RDMA at the time 2010 & 2011 had a great time working with the ponys . RDMA no longer operates so SNH doing the cull this year. 3 weeks at a time

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    Rhum deer management association

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    could have worked that one out!!

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    na bother am no that good at this push buttons this and push buttons that

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    That's enough to advertise stalking on Rhum alone - nothing else needed. Great pics. Now on the must do list.

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