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Thread: great wall steed

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    great wall steed

    just booked a test drive in the new great wall steed ,anyone tried one yet ?
    didnt think it could hurt to give one a try before i passed judgement

    regards norma

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    What's one of those then? Never heard of it - what am I missing?

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    new 4x4 from china, double cab pickup with alot of extras decent warrenty for 13.999 +vat worth a look if nothing else .i wont knock it till i give it a try .looks very much like the rodeo/hilux/ranger

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    Buy Blitish?

    I remember when jap cars were a joke, no one is laughing now.

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    They certainly seem to have all of the bells and whistles, at several thousand pounds less than similar models by more well-known manufacturers.

    I believe that they're a very popular brand, everywhere but here in the UK, at the moment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    Buy Blitish?

    I remember when jap cars were a joke, no one is laughing now.
    its not japanese, its chinese

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    Ian Harford did a review on team wild tv looked a good bit of kit but only time will tell if they are built to a decent standard. You normally get what you pay for.

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    Sorry I realised that,
    people make jokes abot made in china goods, the same as they used to about japanese goods,

    no one laughs anymore and wont soon about the chinesse,
    as long as they sort the "chinglish" instructions.

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    see a lot of them being used in middle east slowly replacing the toyota dare i say it,
    best thing great wall could do is test them out using keepers as sure enough if it can be broken a keeper will manage it!
    seen every type of pick up killed by carless underkeepers.

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