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Thread: Pigeon Shooting wanted (Herefordshire/Welsh Borders/Gloucestershire)

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    Pigeon Shooting wanted (Herefordshire/Welsh Borders/Gloucestershire)

    Please can anyone recommend a guide in any of the above area? I am looking for some pigeon shooting throughout the Summer and prefer using a guide but will look at any option. Many thanks.

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    If you were near Nottingham I probably could have taken you out decoying. Im no guide and can offer no guarantees but there are usually plenty of the grey eating machines flying about.

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    Thank you very much for the kind offer, but I think you are a little too far away!

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    I thought you might say that but thought i'de make the offer anyway.

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    if you still want in summer I can take you over stubble I'm the other side of Worcester. But I'm no pigeon guru lol.

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