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Thread: Buck from last night

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    Buck from last night

    Left Edinburgh at 5pm last night, traffic was worse than I've ever seen, 56 miles later and it's 20:15! I jump out, get changed, load up and head out to one of my grounds. There by 20:35,,well done to me :-) then the downpour starts, like never seen before, an absolute outrage, even the dogs refused to leave the car! Anyway, bugger it I said, hopped out and got going, thinking the rain will cover my approach and thus get into position without spooking any deer that may be crazy enough to be out. within 5 minutes I spot my first doe grazing about 125yds away under the canopy of a tree, I move on another 500yds and take up position under a tree with a view over a green plateau below me at 100-150yds where when the rain starts (or on sunny days) a few bucks usually show. 30 minutes later and I'm literally half eaten alive by midges, can't stand it anymore and didn't bring my anti midge ammo, so I walk back slowly, watching as the rain stops and a bit of calmness arrives, at 21:30 I spot a deer feeding about 200 yds in front and down a very steep bank in tall grass, slowly making his way in towards the woodland to lie up. I crouch, and whilst moving forwards to a ledge where I could get the bipod up over the grass and angle it about 45 degrees down the hill, I unfold it, also shedding bino's, sticks and anything cumbersome. at about 175 yds I drop, pop the rifle (sako .243 with 87g hornady hpbt) on the bipod over the ledge and point down hill, he's facing away from me walking into the first part of the undergrowth, last step before he's in, he just turns and angles himself 'almost' broadside (more broadside than quartering, or in between) for just a split second, out of pure natural reaction the next thing I see in the scope is him dropping on the spot, perfect!

    You will notice the shot placement and undoubtedly start laying into me, but it was perfect. angled a bit quartering from behind, from a 45 degree or more hill above. So I needed to place it a tad 'back and high' to get the angle through the lung and heart, and also give a bit of a 'high shoulder' reaction as I could not have afforded a runner where he was and this was on a rainy night at 21:54 where tracking was not going to be fun at all. In any case, the shot was exactly where I wanted it, he dropped on the spot, and exit was perfectly in line with a H/L, touch of 'high shoulder' shot.

    very pleased...but slept in this morning, will be out tonight

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    Braver man than me. Like you I went out last night but the midge was horrendous and I eventually gave in after seeing a few does.

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    Worth gettin' wet and bitten for!

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    nice write up, its good to get out at em good result..

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    Your braver than me,I got up this morning (First light) took my dogs out,Its was chucking it down and blowing a gale.Went back to bed.
    well done though on your buck.
    Atb John

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    Nice write up PKL.
    You have to be keen right enough to go out in conditions like that, but at least it paid off for you.
    I agree that your shot placement was 'bang on'. Good call. It dropped on the spot, so well done.

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