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Thread: Fact or Friction?

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    Fact or Friction?

    Crocked, with a bad back,watching the news, there is a story about the rapid spread of a wildfire in Utah.
    There is a suggestion that the initial conflagration was caused by "The spark from a bullet."
    What do the learned members of this fine site think? Is that really a possibility? A question for the shooting physicists perhaps.

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    Only if it was a tracer round.

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    Possibly from muzzle flash , I have seen the grass left smoking after prone shots from my mates magnum cals

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    It can be done with an auto when you change barrels, seen them glowing when the brown stuff hits the fan!

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    As unlikely as it seems, I have seen sparks fly when flints have been hit by a bullet.
    In fact I have done it and seen it done on purpose.
    We have some large flints around here and if you set one up at 100yards and use it as a target, it really lets you know if you have hit it or not !!
    The flint will shatter and sparks fly all over the place and the smell is of burnt sulpher matches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    As unlikely as it seems, I have seen sparks fly when ....
    ...the edges of my skis hit granite poking through the snow at Aviemore. Regards JCS

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    Having worked in a 'Clean Area' of a munitions factory where all the tools are made of brass or bronze to prevent sparks, It just seemed unlikely because copper and lead being non ferrous I wouldn't have expected it to cause sparks.

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    Think blackpowder season, and a news reporters lack of knowledge.

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    Eddy, hit a flint just right with a stone.............. you get sparks. Always had to use an Ally knife for Dynamite charges, but that's for static reasons.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    They're not just blaming the current fire on target shooters, they are blaming 19 wild fires in the last two years! The evidence in one pic is a few broken clay birds and some charred sand. Say what?? Steel jacketed ammo? Maybe might set off a spark but how many of those sparks would lead to fire?? Even there Fire Marshall admitted it was a very low probability that it could happen yet lets the 19 fire figure stand without comment.

    Smells like Gun Control Inc. to me.~Muir

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