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Thread: peltor tactical ear defenders

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    peltor tactical ear defenders

    Any one use the peltor tactical sport ear defenders and are they worth the money before i buy a set ?.

    Many thanks


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    i use my a lot for both fullbore and sg and to be hoest they are some off the best ive ever tried
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    Hi Reiver,
    I use them when driven shooting, for clays and zeroing, I find them very comfortable and they do the job just fine, would be lost without them, battery life great and when its bl@@dy cold keep your ears warm!!!! You'll not be disappointed,

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    I use them for unmoderated full bore and find them very good. If you crank the volume up you can eavesdrop on people across the room!

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    I tried the Sport Tac and found them great for shotguns, but I ended up returning them and getting the Pro Tac II because the extra noise reduction is better suited for full bore rifle shooting on the range. Not much difference in price, but better for rifles in my opinion.

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    Thanks for all the reply's I thought they were good i just wanted a users vue on them before i part with my money.


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    Use them for zeroing. Got to preserve what hearing I have left.Great.

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    Sport Tac / Tactical Sport are excellent, highly recommended. Very popular at my fullbore club and the clay shoot.

    In the UK/Europe they are sold as "Sport Tac" and usually come in green.

    In the USA they are sold as "Tactical Sport" and usually come in black, with a spare set of dayglo orange covers.

    If a UK supplier is offering the Tactical Sport version they might be a USA import.

    I ordered the USA version from Ebay and paid about 80 including shipping. No customs charge, maybe I was lucky. Still available (e.g. item 270931687340)

    Excellent audio quality and spooky muting performance. No dead period after the shot, if you have a moderator you may hear the hiss straight afterwards, maybe even the bullet strike, at reasonable distance.

    Very good battery life, they use standard AAA cells unlike some others, and turn themselves off if you forget. Circuit boards are conformally coated for waterproofing (military technology) and they have survived two days of torrential rain during a very wet fallow cull.

    They have a socket to connect 2 way radio, mobile phone etc. but I've not tried this.

    Only downside is they can be slightly bulky for clay shooting, depending on your stock fit and how fat your head.

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    yes they are very good but i just cant get on with over the ear type defenders i just find them to clumsy and i have to use in-ear defenders so if youve never shot with this type of ear defenders then maybe try and borrow a set

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    I use them even they also keep my ears warm in winter.

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