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Thread: Fingers crossed

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    Fingers crossed

    Got my fingers crossed that these two bucks off my ground this season might make a medal.

    This one is sat at 502g and has not lost any weight for ages, tall not much span has decent pearling.

    The most recent one below has been cleaned off today by fallom.oor he is sat wet at 636g , he has nice colour not much span and an odd ball shape antlers more swept back than upright

    Does anyone have an idea if either of these would make a medal i know a couple of forum members have told me they think the bottom one may make something just thought i would ask if anyone else had an oppinion on them both . thanks DF

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    if the measurements you are giving are full skull weights (not including the jaw) which is what it looks like to me then you will get 90grms deducted from the weight and the cic give these as rough ideas as to what a head will make bronze 365grms silver 420grms and gold 500grms so its looking good at the moment for you that said tho the 1st one doesnt look that promising to me but if its got a thick skull tho that will keep the weight up and a lot of the points on roe are made up by weight alone
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    It's never easy to tell from photo's Bob. I wouldn't rely on the weight of the first buck getting you a medal, I've seen a similar head weighing 526g that didn't make bronze. The volume will be the important one.

    Have you got any pics of the cleaned heads?

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    The top head when 90 grams is deducted is a 400 max head and in my opinion will not make the grade but hey i have been wrong and you do not get charged for a head if it don't make the grade. The bottom head looks to have what it takes to make the grade . Hope that fallowmoor did not charge you much to clean the head out them yorkshiremen are tight lol.

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    Thanks for the comments, i wasn't too sure about the first one either after this one from last season fell short although had the required weight for bronze as a short cut.

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