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Thread: Pregnant Roe Does

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    Pregnant Roe Does

    Went out on Sunday morning for a stalk, saw three roe along a hedge, 1 buck 2 does, stalked in and shot 1 doe, quite young and not pregnant.
    Moved on to another block just for a look see really and saw 3 roe does coming out of a small block of woodland, I glassed them for a while and noticed that 1 had quite a limp, I had not set out to shoot any more roe really but I decided to cull this particular doe. On the gralloch I dissected the birth sack to find 3 feutus'. Has anyone else ever seen this?


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    Not at all uncommon although seeing triplets at heal with a doe is somewhat a rarer occurance.

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    Never shot a pregnant doe this late in the season but I've seen triplets often with a doe.

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