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Thread: Range days near west Wales

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    Range days near west Wales

    Hi, does anyone know of any range days near West Wales, A mate of mine has just applied for his FAC and the FEO has insisted on him having a mentor which I have agreed to do. I thought maybe a day or two at a range would be a good start to his rifle shooting career (wouldn't do me any harm either!!!) anyone got any ideas? - Paul

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    Paul-don't know where you are in ww but what about wms steel challenge near llangurig-look it up on the net-may be a little advanced but at least you will start on the right lines.regards richard.

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    There is a private club around Radnorshire, I believe over towards Llandovery which is probably closest - run by an AndrewnVenables. It is on a large area and I believe has a number of ranges. As it's private I'm unsure of the fees though. If you want ,e to find out more then send a pm please.

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    Thanks Richard checked it out and it sounds perfect for us and only about 40 miles away .
    Regards - Paul

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    WMS is run by Andrew Venebales and John O'brian so both recommendations are the same person.
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    HI. twts there is a range in coldicot west weles regards derek

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    Sorry Derek but Caldicot is in Monmouthshire and not West Wales.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi there is a Target shooting club just ouside Haverfordwest they have a website

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    Thanks multiman but the Haverfordwest club doesn't seem to cater for high velocity rifles just gallery types, would the range near Caldicot be the old Severnside military range, I learned to shoot there when I was 14 and in the army cadets, they had us shooting 303s with open sights at 600 yards and I don't think I even hit the backstop but I learned lessons that have kept me in good stead since.

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    There are two ranges at Caldicot, the old Severn Tunnel range which is now called Severnside and it's replacement which is called Rogiet Moor. The Severn Tunnel range was disposed of by the MOD when the motorway was diverted to cross the range when the second severn crossing was built.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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