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Thread: Credible or Accredited Witness

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    Credible or Accredited Witness

    Hi I am in the South East of England near Gatwick and am lucky enough to have a parcel of land to stalk. I have the old DSC 2 Portfolio and am looking to build on it so am after any Accredited witnesses or Credible witnesses who are able to come and assess me and develop my portfoilio or who can provide stalking opportunities. I have contacted Sikamalc and will hopefully speak to him in the next fortnight all being well.

    Early last year a couple of guys came forward and offered to assit me (thank you) but unfortunatly due to unforseen family circumstances I had to put the whole thing on hold for the last year or so. Please let me know if you are able to help and we can work it out from there.

    Many thanks

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    How long have you got left to complete your portfolio? You must be one of the last people to get one of the old ones. Glyn.

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    May next year I am probably one of the last to be on the older folders

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    PM sent

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