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Thread: a hello from a new user and skull enthusiast :0)

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    a hello from a new user and skull enthusiast :0)

    Hi everyone, Just thought that i would inroduce myself, my name is mike and im 36 living in fife just off the forth road bridge. I am not a deer stalker but do shoot paper with my air rifle. I am hoping that one or two of you that are local may be able to help me out with a few heads that would normally end up in the bin as i am a very keen skull collector and although i have some 1000 skulls and skeletons in the collection from all over the world i am missing many species some of those of course being deer, i will however take just about any skull i can get my hands on. you can see some of what im about by visiting and finding "the beginners guide to skull collecting" which is the book i wrote. i have put on the settings that this can be viewed in its entirety for a short time so you can have a look. hope there is someone out there that can add to my collection. thanks for reading. mike

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    Welcome Mike - that's certainly an intro that's a bit different from the norm!

    What species of deer are you missing?


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    The bone collector sounds like a film title Mike lol i don't collect skulls but do come across plenty of animals that have passed away some even quite rare.

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    where are you from cos the most we get round here are phesants and the odd smashed roe ? mike

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    Hi Alex, i am missing Fallow, muntjac and chinese water deer but i do love red stags only have one half decent one in the collection, thanks for asking. mike

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