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Thread: 7mm Rem Mag

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    7mm Rem Mag

    Hi Guys,

    I'm contemplating a new rifle in 7 mm rem mag it will be used for mainly stags in scotland with the occasional trip to europe for wild boar. I will be reloading my own ammo, i'm a left hander so will be looking at tikka or sauer.

    I have a mate who use's this caliber regulary and swears by it.

    I just thought i'd run it past you guys for your opinions and advise.



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    Have been through the same thought process. 7mm Rem Mag is a fast flat shooting calibre and popular the world over and can push a 175 gn bullet at 2850 fps and the lighter 140 at 3100.

    I believe recoil and noise is on a par with the 30-06 - ie a definate recoil but not excessive, but will not be soft shooting aka 7mm-08, 7x57 etc.

    I have gone down the route of 7x57 as I have found a left handed rifle in this calibre and also view the 7mm Rem Mag as little bit too much for Roe at close range. I do think though the 7x64 is the best compromise - not as fast, nor as noisy or recoil as the Rem Mag, but a bit flatter than 7x57. 7mm-08 is not far behind with 140gn, but will struggle to push big bullets at higher velocities.

    I know somebody who has a 7mm Rem Mag up here, polaxes stags and has taken many head of plains game - Kudu, Eland etc with it as well. But also have a colleague who has shot extensively in Africa and whose PH hates them as the bullets can blow up due to the velocity.

    For wild boar you would need to use the 175 gn bullet of tough construction (bonded / partition etc).

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    I am on my fourth 7mm Rem Mag and would never be without one in my battery.

    If I were you I wouldn't hesitate. It is a fantastic cartridge and a common misconception is that it is harsh on recoil - not at all and my brother and I have always said it isn't like a fully fledged magnum really. If you compare the recoil ft/lbs to a 300 win mag lets say, then that is when you get into the realms of stiff recoil.

    The other thing about it is that my current 7mm mag is modded with a Jet Z and it is an absolute pussy cat in this config. I use mine for long ranging and the 7mm has fantstic wind bucking capability to boot as all the F Class shooters who seem to consider the 7mm bore size to be in vogue will testify to and it is stealing popularity away from the 6.5mil.

    Anyway back to where it excels within the criteria it sounds as if you will be putting it to use for. It performs brilliantly with 140 - 160 grn bullets and is relatively flat shooting and the "knock down" ability is good and if you are pushing heavier for calibre bullets they perform just fine on game. Yes I have had a few blow ups but so have I with other calibres - ballistic performance never seems to follow a consistent path. This is also a mild recoiling cartridge again in relative terms. The recoil with a 7mm mag is very progressive and not a sharp type of recoil.

    If you get one you will not look back and you are safe in the knowledge you have the versatility for boar etc. I am pretty sure Nosler now do a 175 grn Partition which would be perfect for boar etc. But they do make a 160 grn Partition for sure and thatperforms briliantly on boar anyway.

    If you get one, let us know how you get on.

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    Theres a 7mm rem mag sako finnbear on ukgunroom or some such website (just put search terms in and it should find it) for about 450 with scope and mounts. Thats a hell of a deal.


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    Hi Zait .
    That is a hell of a good rifle for very little money . I had one from 1976 t0 1993 and killed many beasts with it , mostly Red and Roe .
    Below is a pic. of a fine Red Stag with a deformed antler which I shot with the Finnbear 7mm Rem. Mag. many years ago .
    It was a few hundred yards from the place where you dragged a Stag out for me in The Lakes some years ago .
    I have always regretted not letting you shoot that 6 pointer but at the time you were a newcomer into our local scene .

    HWH .

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    I know re the rifle and someone should snap that deal up. Its worth it for the action really.

    I have the head of that 6 pointer in my office and it never fails to remind me of my time in the lakes. I also have his tushes which were silver mounted.

    I've never regretted the trip and equally will never forget it, or your kindness in sharing your knowledge with me.

    I can still see that beast plunging down the hill after the shot and reducing my drag by a good few yards.

    Totally understood why I didn't shoot that day so no regrets eh?

    Will see you in April although the first Border Stalkers shoot I'll be away for. I'll send Ratty to deputise!

    Best regards


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    Thanks Gareth .
    You will be missed at the first shoot on April 19th. [ Mike Newby Decanter and Norwest Shield . ]
    Our second shoot is now June 14th. due to a mistake on the fixture cards of my tenants the Clayshooters .[ Chris Batty Memorial Trophy . ]
    The third shoot for the Bill Grant Memorial Shield , the Andrew Corney Cup and the Ray Barnes Cup [ standard lightweight rifle ] is on August 21st.

    The days Red Deer stalking you won last year and were unable to take up is being held on for you for this season by our benefactor Robert Hasell-McCosh .

    Best regards , HWH.

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    7mm rem mag

    I have a tikka 690 in such calibre BRILL.
    Shoots 100g hp foxes out to 600yd
    120 bal/tip. fallow round
    160 sp sika red stags
    175 bear claw for pigs,all to same zero.
    have a steve kershaw muzzel brake fitted (dont like mods for stalking)and it takes 85%felt recoil and flip off.But bangs like a a small hand grenade!!!!!
    Please note im not shooting deer at those extended ranges

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    John Robbo said
    have a steve kershaw muzzel brake fitted (dont like mods for stalking)and it takes 85%felt recoil and flip off.But bangs like a a small hand grenade!!!!!
    Please note im not shooting deer at those extended ranges

    HI John

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    7mm RM is a fantastic round, knocks roe right off their feet!

    Watch bullet choice on small deer at close range, I find the 140 grain Barnes TSX works great

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