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Thread: foxing with my .204

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    foxing with my .204

    Over the past couple of months I have been chasing a fox that is frequenting my local chicken farm , this fox has been out smarting me and giving me the slip.It really has been quite frustrating I could call in the fox to no more than 120m but show it white/red /green light and its off ,I live in small village and every man /child /person has a go at lamping this causes the foxes to be very lamp shy .
    I have whilst dog walking seen this fox close to the chicken farm and people have told me they have seen it between 7-30--8-30 pm so decided daylight ambush tactics were going to be order of the day (3 days ago I sat up at the chicken farm and saw this fox but couldn’t get a clean shot so let it go at 8pm)

    I went out yesterday with my father to the chicken farm (6-55pm) this would give me time to set myself up with a good 20-30mins to spare , rifle was in the slip in on the back seat, ammo my father was holding ,tripod sticks were in the back of the truck .

    As I pulled into the farm still driving, low and behold there was foxy taking a chicken 100m in front of us then slowly trotting off with it still flapping in it mouth.
    With rifle in the slip in on the back seat, ammo with my father ,tripod sticks were in the back of the truck and the fox now walking off and 80m more and foxy would be in the hedge , I’ll tell you the chicken wasn’t the only thing flapping.

    Brakes on truck stopped , as I grabbed the rifle dad gave me 1 bullet (the problem) no chance of getting the sticks so ran to my nearest rest (fence post) fox was now 130-140m away .
    Lined up fox the grass obscuring fox a tad at fence post angle, so as it walked off chicken still giving a little flap , I gave it the famous “OY” fox stopping call , as it stopped I shot for the biggest piece of foxy I could see.
    There wasn’t the familiar heavy “thwack” from the bullet impact but more of a “crack” the fox did a something I have never seen before, it back flipped somersaulted (like head shot rabbit) the chicken went flying through the air then the fox lay with its legs and tail all pointing straight up .
    It lay still for a good 5-8 seconds then fox started to wriggle then get up and staggered /ran away I could of kicked myself for only taking the one bullet (I was flapping) I only live a short distance away so once reloaded I was going to do a quick visual search the go home and get my two “jacks” to help look.

    Less than 80m away we saw the fox stood upright just swaying as it stood there , I lined it up and shot it in the head.
    The photos you can see show the first shot creased the foxes back the wound is deeper than looked , this caused the acrobatic action of the fox, the other two pics show the chicken it took and the head wound .

    The final picture (rifle & fox) is of a fox I shot 3-4 weeks ago it might not show it in the pic but the fox was massive (biggest I have ever shot by far) the rifle is a Rem Mod 7 for comparison
    I must say I have had a .204 for 9 months now and I am very impressed with it , very fast hard hitting low recoil ,accurate and cheap to reload.
    Hope you enjoyed …Neil
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    the best thing for killing foxes is snares

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    result well done ,what ever method a dead fox is a dead fox only some are more satisfying to remove than others .

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    result well done ,what ever method a dead fox is a dead fox only some are more satisfying to remove than others .

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    well done...and really nice rifle..

    can i ask what mod your useing..


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    Well done - I've only had my .204 for a short time, but it's really impressed me. It's not so popular with the (somewhat diminishing) local fox population though...

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    what bullet are you using i have just changed onto 39gr sbk they are doing the job spot on throw my howa

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    Hi Neil, Well done that's one problem sorted,keep up the good work.

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    Rharrison the mod is a "spartan " nice and light and it does take the bang out of the little rifle

    pestcontroler im using the 32gr SBK , its the only bullet ive tried and now i have free floated the rifle its a very accurate setup

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    Nice work mate I cannot wait to get started on the foxes around me
    If at first you don't succeed, reload

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