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Thread: Finding Deer

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    Finding Deer

    Some times finding deer in Glasgow is just a wee bit on the easy side.

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    Sad, but with the weather we're having here in the Borders just now,
    a couple of these signs would be handy!!

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    Cracking pic 6pointer!

    I was in Clydebank on Friday, I should have taken the cannon down and thinned a few out for you

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    Plenty round clyde bank glen mate and that pour bugger is only 20 mtr from the motorway not much chance i recon. I think any one controlling deer would need to put a very high % of there cull to the roads .

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    A real shame to see them end up on the Motorway mate. A lot of roe have been caught out on the roads here recently, and to be honest red's as well.

    Only last night I was coming back from stalking up North and right in front of us a red hind ran out in front of an artic lorry. We stopped and pulled it off the carriageway.

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