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Thread: Perforated .243 T8

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    Perforated .243 T8

    The rifle this went on is now sold and the new owner has no need for the knackered T8.

    It's a .243 stamped T8 and as you can see it starting to go at the end.

    I've been told that Jacksons will give 60% off a new one for those PXing a knackered one (although I have not verified this personally).

    No idea what it's value is so I'll say 50 (as I have to put a price) but I'm open to best offers.

    It is on ticket so usual rules will apply - you must have a slot!

    Pics below



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    I'd forgotten all about this until reminded by the Police

    Free to good home if you can collect by early next week or it's going to be chopped up


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