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Thread: 7mm rem mag or 300wm for driven boar!!!!!

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    7mm rem mag or 300wm for driven boar!!!!!

    I received interesting phone call with the firearms dept on Friday!
    I had put in a request for an increase on my ammo allowance, and a request to add rifled slugs onto my ticket. (Planning on shooting some wild boar next year).

    I was advised that they would allow me the slugs, but not for use in the UK.
    The very nice man then said, if you send us proof of a booking for wild boar, we can let you have a suitable calibre added to your certificate, min cal .270 upto and including .338 (happy days).
    This will also be conditioned for deer in the UK.
    After some thought I have narrowed it down to the 7mm rem mag and the .300 win mag.
    Just wondered what you guys who shoot boar think of calibres I have shortlisted.

    It will have to be a cheapish bolt action for me, no fancy double or straight pulls, as I dont have that sort of money spare.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I've had both calibres - for a driven boar rifle, I'd probably choose .300WM because you can go up to a 220gn bullet. That said, I have a 7mm (7x65R)for boar, using a 173gn cutting edge bullet of 175gn round nose bullet. Both calibres will do the job perfectly well - more important really is finding a rifle that handles well, as the shooting is a bit more like using a shotgun than a rifle, so shortish barrel and the option of open sights is the order of the day.

    Another option to consider, given the choices you've been given by your FEO, is a .338WM as you'll be able to pick one up cheap enough in safari configuration. Good for large deer too.


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    I have had both of the calibres you mention but if you are a re-loader the .300 Win.Mag would be the best option due to the vast array of missiles/bullet heads available.


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    thanks for the advise guys.
    What would be the optimum barrel length for the 2 calibres, (I thought you needed a min 24inch for the magnums)
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    It always used to be 26" recommended for cartridges like the 25-06 and the magnum cases such as 7mm Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag. of course there is another .30 cal mag that one does not see so often nowadays. The .308 Norma magnum.

    As it will start another thread down the slippery slope if I suggest a barrel length I'll leave it to others whose ideas will not likely do so.

    I will add that people don't seem to have problems swing a shotgun with a 28" barrel even when attached to a semi auto receiver like the Brownign Auto Five of the Berretta 391. Yet magically a rifle with a 24" barrel becomes impossible to swing on running game .
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    Hi Brit.
    I had planned on taking my berreta 391 with a slug barrel, so as you say overall length not an issue just didnt fancy buying a magnum with too short a barrel for the amount of powder they burn.
    Spent most of the morning reading up on the different calibres, and to be honest at the distances most boar seem to be shot at, I cant see much wrong with the 7x57 mauser (I used to have one ) Ill check and see what weight bullet I can go to, and have another think about it.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    175 Grains is the common heavy Bullet for the 7mm Mauser cartridge. if you can find some and don't have a heart attack at the price RWS made the H-Mantle twin core with Copper cap covering a HP front core in the 7mm Mauser. You might find 7x64 better I know it's longer bolt throw but it's go no military history so safe in most European countries.

    My old stalking mentor had a 7x64 bolt action "piggie" gun then late on he added a re-built SxS with 7x65R barrels.

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    I have shot all my driven pigs except 1 with my 7mm rem mag, usually with 175gr bonded bullets such a trophy bonded bear claw. They penetrate very well and i have only ever found 1.
    the down side is they pass through without expansion if a fox runs past.
    It still does the job but not quickly.

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    Come on Scrummy, 9.3 x 62 the calibre of choice!


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    I shoot a 7RM and it is perfectly acceptable for boar in most situations but if you have the opportunity you should go for the 300WM. Its generally a more popular calibre in almost every country so ammo availability will always be a touch better (I cant get 7RM in Walmart over here in Canada but thats a different story!). As per previous posts, you have a better selection of bullet weights as well.

    The only one disadvantage with the win mag is it is a bit heavy on the shoulder. Perhaps thats not so much of a problem with driven game compared to outright long range shooting. Some experts say the 7RM / 30-06 is about the limit that the 'average' marksman can shoot well with. But if you put a chunky silencer on a 300 it should be tame enough for all but the smallest frame of shooter. Another consideration is that a 300 would not be allowed at certain shooting ranges in the uk due to energy restrictions - the 7Rm falls under the 4500 joule threshold (just)

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