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Thread: Import from the states

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    Import from the states

    Guys my friend is going to Florida on hols and has asked me do I need any gear brought back and was wanting some info regarding importing dies , and brass , bullets , what is legall and not?
    Cheers chris

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    Dies, brass cases (unprimed) and non expanding bullets should be no problem. However best check with the chaps on the counters at the airport he is coming into the UK through as they might have different ideas.

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    As far as brass and bullets go you're fine, same with reloading equipment. from dies to full press kits all are OK. Scopes are not a problem unless they are designated as "military" types, usually with some form of built in image enhancement.

    Certain cleaning products cannot be carried because of Hazmat regs like Birchwood Casey case cleaner. To bring back powder, primers or loaded ammunition you need an export license. Coming back from the US you have 390 of duty free allowance so stock up

    Last trip over we brought back 114Kg of stuff, a Sightron SIII 8-32x56 (300 cheaper than here) 2000 Nosler 168g Custom Competition bullets (137/1000!), 1000 9mm plated bullets, 500 Starline .44mag and 300 9mm brass cases plus dies, magazines etc.etc. savings on the bullets and scope alone paid for the flights!.
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    Guys one more question does my friend have to be a fac holder to purchase and bring back into the uk?

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    No, bullets, cases, dies etc. don't need an FAC to purchase here so are OK to bring back

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    you can also buy expanding bullets and post to yourself

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    My apologies, Whitebeard is correct, expanding bullets would need the owner to have a valid FAC conditioned for expanding ammunition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phaedra View Post
    You can bring expanding bullets back without an FAC, it's only when assembled into ammunition you need them to be on an FAC. I know some FEOs in different areas say expanding bullets must be entered onto your FAC but it's not what the Firearms Act says.
    Further to phaedras above post i want to point out that is an offence here to be in possession of expanding projectiles without an FAC or even the correct FAC condtions.
    Expanding projectiles are all Section 5 prohibited but as sporting shooters we apply for special dispensation to allow the possession and use.


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    Once again many thanks for your advice

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