Has anyone seen a review between an OPTIMUS ND50 SUB-ZERO Laser designator , V Laser Genetics SUB ZERO ND-3X50 Green Long Distance Laser Designator.


New OPTIMUS ND-50 SUB ZERO LASER DESIGNATOR hunting scope site night vision | eBay

£300 + is a lot to pay for a glorified torch however as several people here and on other forums have said, some people love these and some think they are pants. Iím not arguing to or for the use of a green laser light to use at night, all imí looking for is to see if any one has reviewed the two devices or others claming to do the same job, to as good a standard or better than a laser genetics marketed by BSA. Optimus produce what I think is a clone of the much more expensive device that says it does the same thing, is it as good or are there any other clones that have merit out there .