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    Knife making

    Hi , I'm going to make myself a knife having seen the price of most custom ones I figured if I buy a good quality blank I'd make my own . Plus it'll mean a lot more to me if I do it myself . Can any of you provide me with a list of what I'll need like handle block etc ?

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    I know bushwear do a kit with blank, woodblock, leather etc. might be worth a look.

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    How much time do you want to spend on it? Making a good blade, especially for a beginner, is a bigger undertaking than you think. (This is the voice of recent experience)

    The best thing to spend time on is research. Getting hold of a blank made of a good knife steel, with a decent grind and properly heat treated will make your life a lot easier, and will make the end result that much more satisfying.

    Other than the blade, you'll need some kind of handle material. You'll also need some brass rod (normally around 6mm to 6.5mm dia) for the handle "rivets". You'll also need an adhesive to stick the scales on to the tang. Epoxy resins seem to be popular for this.

    Your main outlay is likely to be tools. The minimum you're going to want is a decent bench vice, with a good pair of soft jaws. You'll also need various files and a range of sandpapers/wet and dry paper.

    If you're not up for dozens of hours sanding and polishing, then a bench grinder is really useful. Just remember that if you are using a high speed abrasive you need to do it a tiny bit at a time to stop the blade from heating up and losing temper. If you get the standard two wheel grinder then stick a polishing wheel on one end, this will make the job of finishing, and sharpening, a whole lot easier.

    If you really want to get in to it, the British Blades forum has an absolute wealth of info, and will give you tips on what to source and where to source it.

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    I've made several myself, and also have 7 custom made ones as well. You can buy all you need from to build from scratch using either a steel blank or a preground/heat treated blank and pick your own scales to fit yourself with basic hand tools. Forgot to add that www.Moonraker does Enzo blanks that are good to start on the trapper has a flat grind, I prefer the flat grind to a scandi grind, just my preference as I feel the flat grind is more adaptable when gralloching a deer. deerwarden
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    If you're going to build a knife from a blank, the simplest way to do it is with a full, exposed tang. With this style of knife you need to glue and rivet the scales (handles) to each side of the blank and add a lanyard tube if you want one. You then file and sand the scales down until you have the handle shape that you want and the scales match the profile of the blank.

    For this style of knife you'll need

    A blank
    A pair of scales (handles) plus a sheet of fibre liner if you want to add liners
    Pins - these can be either a length of metal rod (stainless or brass usually) or one of the various screw / rivet systems
    Tube - to fit a lanyard through (if you want to fit a lanyard. The material used for the tube usually matches the rivets, but doesn't have to
    Glue, to fix it all together.

    Once you've made the knife you'll need a sheath, which is likely to be either leather or one of the shrink plastic types (kydex etc.)

    If you want to make one knife to use and be proud of, my advice would be to buy a pre-ground and heat treated blank. Spend ages fitting the scales and filing / sanding them to shape. When you're happy with it, get someone to make a leather or plastic sheath. This will give you the best chance of building a knife that looks the part.

    As others have said, there are various knife making suppliers who can provide all of the bits you'll need. However, if you want to design your own blank drop me a PM as I can put you in touch with a guy who can make and heat treat one to your bespoke design.



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    Go onto the hunting life and into the craft & DIY section and speak to Midnight and Gaffer, Midnight will make you a blank and Gaffer will make you a sheath to fit once you have put the scales on!

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    I have seen a really useful knife made from a old blacksmiths rasp no great outlay this way .

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    Henry Krank of low town , Pudsey have a bloody good selection of blanks, some beutiful Damascus in diferant style and all the bits to make your own knife!. I was in there about a month ago and was well impresed with the cutlery available!

    ATB Barry

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    I've made a couple using the Karesuando kits Casstrom Outdoor - Survival, Bushcraft, Hunting, Outdoor accessories, Scandinavian Knives (and other sites). You have to work round the literal translations a bit, but its quite fun and very satisfying. Whole kit for less then 40.

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    Anything I can help with I am happy to.

    I'm quite a way away or you could come and watch what I do - I wouldn't say learn as I just learn from my mistakes until I think I now know what I'm on about.

    Good quality blanks aren't cheap. The wood should be stabilised or it will change shape and likely come off at a later date.

    Pikebite on British blades does great quality and value stab wood - I get mine from him, and there are good blades to be had at So, without bolts, lanyard tube or sheath (and the countersinks for the bolts) you are looking at a minimum of 60 for blade and handle.

    PM me if you need any help with anything

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