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Thread: Buck of a lifetime!

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    Buck of a lifetime!

    Hi, guys - had a gentleman call at the house to pick up a mount yesterday and he was really taken by this trophy mount. He described it as a trophy of a lifetime and desperately tried to persuade me to sell it! I know you love to see big Roe bucks, so what do you think of this fellow? ATB Bill.

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    Thats a fantastic head, an another great piece of work

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    Looks fantastic Bill!

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    Bill thats superb as always and i bet that it would was strong money he offered,i cant get my head round somebody wanting a trophy someone else has shot though Df

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    that will do me bill , my head in that pose!
    well done first class

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    So whats the story with that one bill were did it come from what did it make CIC etc etc

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    Cracker thanks for sharing, maybe some day Ill be lucky and have a head to mount.


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    Got to hand it to you Bill. Not seen anyone who can mount a roe as well!
    Nice buck.

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    A beaut, hard to beat, has anyone seen a better mount ?

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