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    Lucky fox

    We went foxing last Tuesday,we were both up on new stack of bales each about 400yds apart,several fields had just been silage and not picked up my side,my mate was watching 3 doe's that had a fawn each and was a medal buck with them,anyway my mate saw this fox come through the hedge and just as he was settling crosshairs one of the doe's charged the fox out of the field,I've never seen that before.

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    Sounds like a typical female, can't mind their own business an let others get on with what they're doing .

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    The doe might of seen my mate lining up the shot ,fox must of got too close to fawns I guess

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    There was one unlucky fox last week,almost sure there will be a couple tonite,going to same place,we did see 4,not sure if me and my mate seen the same foxes.

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    The foxes were unlucky,saw a pair as I approached the silage bales,I couldn't get up there quick enough,ranged the furthest dialled in the clicks 257yds and banged 1st one over,the other made some ground before he stopped,he was around 300yds,I didn't range it just aimed a couple inches higher,banged him over,went for a short walk after to see what roe were in these 4 fields and I saw another fox over the brow,was right next to a style so I got over and waited for it to come into view,rested rifle on the style and I didn't have to wait long,banged it over,went to pick it up and seen another in next field,headed for it and got in position and bars in the gate were blocking the shot,tried to get closer and it seen me and took for cover,it wouldn't come to the squeak,headed back to the bales and I wasn't up there 5 minutes and another showed about 150yds,another down,about 10 minutes later I heard my mate shoot,that were another down,light was fading fast now and another showed but I had lost the crosshairs but could still see it through my els,texted my mate to come down with the lamp to find the foxes and we had the one I couldnt see in last light with the lamp,let my mate shoot it as I had so many shots,was a cracking evening,equalled my PB with four.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowy View Post
    Sounds like a typical female, can't mind their own business an let others get on with what they're doing .
    Sounds like the behavior of the females in my house right enough!!!

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