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Thread: First stalk on the new permission

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    First stalk on the new permission

    Decided tonight to have a walk around the new permission & then spend an hour or so in the high seat. So after arriving later than I would have liked as work got in the way I collected the padded seat & armrest etc from the farm workshop & then drove up two fields from the chosen spot. Parked up & crept to the high seat.........nothing in the field so up went the seat & armrests.

    Back to the truck & collected the rifle, sticks & bino's, loaded up & set off. Stalked 3 field margins but nothing showing so decided to spend the last hour in the seat. Made the rifle safe & climbed up & got comfy. Glad I wrapped up tonight as it was breezy & chilly 15 feet up, even remembered me hat & gloves. Glassed the fields to my left & the wood margins directly in front & did so regularly for the next hour or so.............nothing!
    Just as I decided it was getting too dark to continue, movement to my left! A Roe moving down the field margin close to the wood. Got the bino's up & with a pounding heart fumbled for the focus............dam! A buck, ambling along & feeding as he went. He stopped 60 yards from me & slipped quietly back into the wood, I waited 10 minutes in case he had a doe with him hanging back but no joy, he was on his lonesome. Never mind thereís 5 days to go as Iíve promised my friends the leaseholders some venison before the 31st.

    Stopped off at the local on the way home for a Guinness & met Jayne, my friends the leaseholders & some more farming friends so got some gentle ribbing, a good way to end the evening though.


    The high seat

    View in front

    View to the left

    A small copse to the right

    Rosie with Ursula one of the leaseholders in the pub after

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    Nice bit of ground Chris

    Happy hunting


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint
    Nice bit of ground Chris

    Happy hunting

    Cheers Jonathon

    Its 250 acres in total but about a 1/4 & the wood is off limits as the landowner lives on the edge & 3 of the fields border his property, he's OK but his wife's a tree hugger of the first order.

    I'm lucky as some friends have the lease & farm goats & Gloucester Old Spots.


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    well done mate,fingers crossed next looks a like a nice bit of ground.

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    Went out again last night.............................up in the seat, 20 minutes later a Buck comes out of the wood directly opposite me. Crosses the ditch (the demarcation line) & starts to feed, 10 minutes later he's joined by the Doe. Mega excitement sets in now as I wait for her to cross the ditch. She feeds on bushes just inside the wood & I have the glasses on her constantly.

    Will she step over into my field & join the Buck.................................will she buggery, wanders off back into the wood with the Buck in tow, mega frustration & that was it for the evening.

    Come 1st April bet I see Does every trip.


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