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Thread: Hello from Germany

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    Hello from Germany

    After being a member of SD for quite a while and getting a lot of information from the site I would like to take the chance to introduce myself and I hope I can give some helpful Information.I am living in Germany and working as a gunsmith for one of the biggest Blaser dealer in Germany.I am coming to Scotland every year for about 20 years now and made some good friends over there.I always enjoy stalking roe bucks in the rut with my friend near Stirling and always look forward to my annual trip to the far end of Loch Rannoch in October,shooting stags with a couple of friends.In Germany I manage a shoot of 450ha with three other friends.I have a 4 year old black Labrador dog, called Jet.My stalking rifle is a Blaser R93 (of course!).Cal. 6,5x57 with barrels in 22-250 and 338WM.At the moment I am planning a trip to the CLA Game Fair In July(camping plot already booked).

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    Hi and welcome, I'm off to Germany later this year been invited over for a few days hunting and then my German friend is taking me over to Poland on a driven hunt so fingers crossed can't wait .


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    Welcome to the site, very good choice of rifle.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Willkommen Herr Hofbüchsenmachermeister,

    Where did you learn the trade?
    I was keen for many years to do the Ferlach school course method but my eyes are not good for the fine work anymore, too much computer squinting at older monitors is the cause of that IMHO.

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    Welcome to the sight.
    Is that Blaser Dealer in Munich by chance?
    I'll be flying to Germany this afternoon to visit a Gunsmith and maybe go for a pig/fox later.


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    Good to hear about some more Germans o this forum....
    Greetings and "Waidmannsheil!" from the Sauerland!



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    Good to know,I am not alone.Waidmannsheil from the Niederrhein.
    Cheers Hubert

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    No, not Munich.It is in the far west near the dutch border.A town called Xanten.


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    I learned in a small shop 23 years ago.The shop is big now and I am still there.They do not let me out too often.
    Cheers Hubert

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