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Thread: deer hunter ram jacket

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    deer hunter ram jacket

    hi lads I was wondering how many of you have the deerhunter ram jacket? and how youve found them in rain? I have one and wore it last year in scotland but it leaked quite a lot ive since bought a rivers west mountain parka and though it seems waterproof its not all that warm....

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    Does it come with the removable liner? I have the Deerhunter Montana and with the liner fitted, I have not got wet. Same as the trousers.... I would recommend the outfit/buy another.

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    no liner on the ram dont get me wrong its a very warm and breathable jacket but when i was in oban i got drenched

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    I have a montanna now but used my brothers ram for every stalking trip over 4 years without getting wet. I also wore it in a duck butt on several occasions in the p#####g rain and never once had a leak. He does clean/treat it at the start of every winter with millets own brand wash in cleaner/treatment.

    I did have a deer hunter Chester green jacket that leaked like a sive and had crap zips, it went back to them after one season and I got a full refund.

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    ill have to have a go with the millets waterproofing thanks night stalker as i say its warm and breathable just didnt stand up to the scottish coastal rain

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    i have ram jacket and pants worn them in heavy rain, i never got wet but the outer fabric does hold a bit water, but it never gets through
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    I live in Oban you just get used to being wet!!!seriously i,ve had a ram jacket for at least 10 years and its still going strong and does let in a wee bit of water now but i think a wash with nik proofing stuff should sort it out,Used a riverswest smock since october last year when we had wettest winter for years and not one drop of water has got in but it does hold sweat in if your doing a lot of walking dragging etc,still think the ram is best all round jacket about though as with the amount of pockets you can carry all your stuff instead of taking a rucksack if your out for a big day

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