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Thread: Deer Stalking Confessional

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    Deer Stalking Confessional

    There seem to be many members posting about how many years they have stalked, how many deer they have culled, at what range, what rifles they've used etc, whilst forgetting that they too were novices once.

    I took my DSC1 in November 2009, the DSC shooting test was my first time ever shooting a centrefire rifle and I have only shot 5 deer (yes five).

    Any other (honest) novices on SD who want to share their limited experience?

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    I've never shot a CWD or even seen one.... the shame I carry

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    Just passed my DSC1 at the start of the month, have shot a bit of CF stuff and a fair bit of rim fire but have never shot a deer!


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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    I've never shot a CWD or even seen one.... the shame I carry
    You need to move to East Anglia. I have seen a dead one.

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    damn you and your good fortune.... cursed in the wilds of the scottish lands there be no vampire deer here

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    The one I saw was hanging in the larder at Thetford forest FC when I was doing my DSC1, fool that I am I now live in Aberdeenshire with only fond memories of the 'teddy bear' deer!

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    Only did my level one in February this year and only shot 3 deer but hoping to build on that.Don't even have my FAC yet, the application forms are in still waiting thou.

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    I have seen one CWD out of my cousins window out of season.

    I missed a muntjac on Saturday.

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    Been shooting (with a substantial break thrown in for good measure) since the early 90s, was handguns back then. My rifle training & experience was from the Army. Been Stalking for just over 2 years, passed my DSC 1 May 2010 and due to family and work commitments am only just into double figures.. 2 Sika, the rest Roe... Hope (need) to get my L2 out of the way this year or I'll lose my syndicate spot! FC rules!!

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    Good luck with your L2 - I've registered but didn't fully appreciate how involved it is - at least I've got some time to do it.

    I've got some local land to shoot on which have Roe - what's putting me off is needing a bit more confidence in the gralloch - the last one I did on my own on the hill was not a pretty site but someone local is helping out with a gralloching and lardering course. Also where to store the carcass - I'm looking for a larder fridge or something similar. Any sugestions?

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