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Thread: T4 or P8 Moderator?

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    T4 or P8 Moderator?

    I was originally planning on getting a new DM80 mod made for my .243 but heavy financial commitments have put the scuppers on that so it looks like I might have to settle for a "Pre-Owned" moderator to quieten my old "boomer" down!
    I have been offered two different moderators, one is a T4 and the other is a P8, both of which are within my current budget.
    I know practically nothing about all of the different moderators that are available for a .243 so can anyone tell me the differences between the two moderators and if there is much difference between the two i.e. weight/bulk, noise reduction, cleaning, reliability and "lifespan", etc? And of course there is the question of what would you think is a reasonable price to pay for the 2 above mentioned moderators Per-Owned?
    There is of course the other option/question has to be asked - Would I be better to wait and save a few more pennies and stick to my original plan and get Dave Mercer to make me a brand new DM80?

    I am asking these questions as I don't want to go spending my on the first thing that comes along if there are better about within my price range.

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    We have a small number of shop soiled prototypes that may be of interest.
    Have a look at and see if anything takes your fancy.



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