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Thread: M595 / M695

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    M595 / M695

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the two?

    I have a 595 .22-250 and im looking at a deer rifle and have seen a 695 for sale. Thought it would be good to have the same basic rifle in two calibres.


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    Mossy, good plan.

    The 695 is simply the long action (270 / 30/06 size) version of the 595 which is the 243/308 size.

    Damn good rifles.

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    I should have bought both my 595's second hand, I could have saved a few quid, Dan - look for signs of wear on the safety catch,obvious rust or damage to the rifling in any way, if either of them have had little use - snap them up, because they are made to a higher standard than a T3.
    Probably a better start for a custom effort if that's your cup of tea too.

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    I was fortunate enough to find a brand new left handed m695 in 270 late last year, best decision i ever made was choosing it over a T3! was cheaper for a start and the best thing is... i found a left handed mcmillan stock for it!!!!!!

    I also agree that the older tikka's are better than the T3's!!! it's only the stocks that let them down.

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    Bloomin' 'eck Stephen,it's been a long time since we've heard from you on here! Fingers crossed I have a McMillan stock on the way too - but I am not "sinister" so it's been a bit easier for me.

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    Aye, i've been a busy boy, not to mention the fact that for 9 months i was stuck up a highland glen with no internet and only deer and midges for company!'s a hard life eh?

    I was lucky finding the Mcmillan in 'SINISTER' style, Peter Jackson had it in stock and as soon as i could raise the funds i got it sent to Crockharts at blairgowrie as this was my most convenient RFD.

    I did however have to do a small amount of DIY bedding to get the desired barrel float gap (do it to all my rifles as i use a moderator which of course adds weight). For this i used my tried and tested and extremely easy to use and quick drying(15 mins!) favourite substance....Chemical metal!!!
    The area to bed is where the recoil lug sits and a tiny amount at the rear tang, Basically ensuring that the action sits level in the stock so there is no action flex as you tighten the screws.

    I now find that my accuracy has improved and so has my consistency and confidence!!!


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    Just bought 2 Tikka 695s in 270, best action they made, now I need to decide what to build on them...

    Thinking of a 7mmx284 for one and maybe a 260 AI for the other...decisions decisions!!!

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    Stephen, do you have any pictures you could post I to have a 'sinister' 595 and wonder what it would look like in a mcmillan stock.

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    if you can explain how to put pictures onto here i will put one on asap.

    Check jackson rifles website to see if he's got a mcmillan for your 'sinister' 595,......if not he'll get you one. Alternatively check out Staffs synthetic stocks (google it) he could probably make you a stock to order for a similar price to a mcmillan.


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    Stephen, first you have to upload your pics to 'photobucket' then copy and paste them onto here. If you do a search someone posted a detailed explanation of how to do it far better than I can. Thanks for the info re staffs synthetic stocks, i'll take a look.

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