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Thread: Couple of hours on the bunnies last night!

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    Couple of hours on the bunnies last night!

    Made the most of the cracking weather last night and got out on my main permission for a couple of hours. After getting the kids in bed I grabbed the CZ 452 .22 WMR and set off about 7.30 for a bit of longer range control.

    Me and my mate bought an MOT failure Vitara for this place which we keep in a barn and modified by booting out he windscreen for easy shooting! He's known as 'The Mule'!

    I like to have a ride around to see what's about and wasn't dissapointed when I saw 2 lovely big Roe doe's and a badger. There are loads of hares too but we've been asked to leave them for a while.

    There's a spot that's been hit hard, so we've been sitting high up on a bank and taking them from 30 - 150 yards with the rimmies from the luxury of the mule.

    Anyway here's some pics and the end result 2 for the dealer and 2 for the pot. The smaller ones go to my sisters zoo to feed the snakes!!

    The mule

    .22 WMR rounds with balistic tips

    And the damage they do at 100 yards!!

    The rifle ready and waiting.

    Arty farty shot of the sunset!!

    Area of damage we're trying to minimise.

    The end result!! The 3 bottom bunnies have exit wounds from face on shots, not belly shots before someone jumps on me, lol!!!

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    good stuff and great fun! keep it up

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