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Thread: Blaser right to left

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    Blaser right to left

    I hope someone out there can help?...Looking for a left hand bolt blaser is limiting so could somebody in the know tell me the costs incurred by buying a right hand model then "converting" it to a lefty. Would it be worth it in the long road or should I just bide my time for the right model to come around?

    Many thanks, bb

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    Have a word with Gregor at Macleods of Tain, always a really helpful guy... shows a lefthand bolt on the last page

    or Mulliners Guns are a bit closer to you I think competition clay shooting guns, Krieghoff stockists, hunting rifles, Blaser, Mauser, Weihrauch, HiDefSpex in Dorset Have seen them recommended by others although no experience myself

    I guess with either of these you'd just be paying the difference for a leftie bolt if you bought the rifle from them.


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    Yes, Have a word with Ian Mulliner, he is well worth visiting. atb Tim

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    You also need to be aware of stock configuration, not all stocks are ambidextrous, some have a palm swell to suit right or left hand. I've had mine converted to be truly ambidextrous, it has palm swells to suit both right and left handed shooters.

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    If you find a R93/R8 Professional in right hand, with right hand palm swell, it can be converted very easliy to left hand if you can find a dealer who can supply the bits. Not much is required and cost would be minimal. It's more an issue of if they want to help you or prefer to sell you a complete stock etc.

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