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Thread: ASE Northstar/7mmRemMag

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    ASE Northstar/7mmRemMag

    Anyone use the Northstar with 7mmRemMag ,can,t find that calibre approved by ASE for that calibre.... Tony

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    Thanks JCS I think it is rated to 30-06 just wanted confimation will give Peter a call ,thanks for the swift reply Tony

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    Had a look at the Jet Z Compact? rated for .300 win mag - same same.

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    Hi Milligan ,no not yet..really rate ASE Utra just want to get 7mmRemMag confirmed......get it from Jackson,s either way tomorrow, thanks mate

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    I use a .30 cal Northstar on my 7mm Rem Mag. I checked this was ok with a riflesmith before doing so.

    The mod works fine, but does upset the balance a bit. The barrel on mine is 26 inch and the Northstar is a heavy lump to put on the end. It's ok off a bipod or highseat, but its a bit awkward getting it up on sticks. I use the Northstar on the 7mm because its what I've got. Its fine on my Swede (I bought that first) which has a 22 inch barrel. However, if I was buying a mod specifically for my 7mm I would go for something lighter.



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    t8 on mine no problem hush hush

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    Quote Originally Posted by ytene View Post
    Anyone use the Northstar with 7mmRemMag ,can,t find that calibre approved by ASE for that calibre.... Tony
    i used to have a .30 cal northstar on my 270 and intended to use it on my 300 win mag , but after consulting my RFD/ rifle smith , he called jackson rifles and they said the northstar WAS not magnum proofed and should not be used .

    so i got a ASE jet z and i have to say im well chuffed with it , and in my opinion knocks the socks off the northstar !

    the jet z has turned my 300 win mag into a real pleasure to shoot , all it needs now is about 3 inches off the barrel to its not so clumbersome and then i might use it more .

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