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Thread: first trailcam picture ever

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    first trailcam picture ever

    I finally bought a trailcam, i put it up on sunday , i ended up with lots of pictures of nothing because i think it was set to sensitive i have now set it to low but

    heres a couple of pics the second picture looks like a funny breed of deer lol

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    I will keep them coming hopefully


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    Nice one, looking forward to see more of the pics.

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    not a safe shot IMHO.

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    I've got the same model (Ltl Acorn) and managed to take some great pics and video with it straight away, but setting up for night shots was a different matter (although sorted now).

    I was so worried about some scroat having it away that I set it too high up (about five metres). Great during the day, but didn't pick up anything at night. I found that anything up to two metres high works absolutely great, both day and night. Superb little unit.


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    I have a couple of these cameras, just a word of warning, the battery cover inside the main camera body is VERY easily broken, the little tabs at the side that it hinges on are weak so be careful when changing the batteries.
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    Good luck with getting your photos....

    A friend of mine is now on his 4th or 5th one of these cameras, fingers crossed yours lasts longer than his have done! I have a large number of bushnell trophy cams, one was even under water for 2 days in the floods, still took photos as i lifted it out and have never hand any problems, plus the photos are first class......

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    I've just started playing with a trail camera as well - I brought one of the 2012 model Bushnells in from the USA. So far it has only been out one night and not a single thing triggered it. However, I know it works as once I had it in place I walked past it myself. I was keen on the fast trigger speed of this camera plus the long flash range and as you can see from my photo, of myself, there is no doubt that the trigger time is fast.

    The night time performance also seems acceptable, and the flash range does look to be making at least the 60 foot as claimed. This was taken using the time lapse in pretty awful weather:

    I took a timelapse shot every minute for the hours either side of both sunrise and sunset to produce a 1 minute video. Now I will confess that the scene I picked was pretty boring but this was just to see how it worked and if I could make the time lapse thing into a video and I quite like it. You can clearly see that the weather was bad with heavy rain in the evening and fog in the morning. I suspect photobucket has compressed the life out of it and got the shape wrong but:

    Hopefully once I get things sorted out I will start putting it up in areas where there might be some deer around the end of July and it will be interesting to see what the images and video, rather than photos stuck together for timelapse, are like.
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    and anouther one

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    Here`s a couple from mine earlier in the year, they really are good...Keeping an eye on things while you are away...
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