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Thread: Moderator for Blaser .243

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    Question Moderator for Blaser .243

    Hi can anyone recommend a good muzzle mounted sound moderator for a .243 blaser R93 with 15x1 spigot thread please?
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    I use the same ASE Northstar mod on both my .223 and 6.5 R8 barrels for the last 2 years and it works well for me.

    ATB wallace

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    I use a northstar on my rem .223 and do find it quite heavy.
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    I'll have a look - cheers
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    I have a T8 Threaded M15 x 1 spigot that I would part with for 130 delivered

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    I use an A-Tec Maxim on my Blaser 30-06, .243 and .308
    My thread is also 15x1 spigot.
    Daz, what do you mean by 'Muzzle Mounted' ? all mods are muzzle mounted, do you mean forward mounted as opposed to back over the barrel mods.?

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    A-Tec CMM4 for muzzle mounted
    A-Tec Maxim for Over Barrel.

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    Hi thanks for the offer of the T8 - but i'm not looking for a reflex type mod.

    Ed yep i know mods are muzzle mounted should have said "end can" as i'm not looking for a reflex type mod that sleeves back over the barrel

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    I have an ASE Ultra Northstar on my 243 barrel and on my 7x57and 6.5x55 barels I use a T8, to me the T8 is better balanced. I would use it on all three but the 243 is a different thread.

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