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Thread: POLaris Ranger stolen please help

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    POLaris Ranger stolen please help

    My polaris Ranger 500EFI green in colour was tolen last night.
    From Weatherby area taken from locked container.
    Police have been informed.
    Trailer was also stolen Blue with ali checherplate on floor front jocky wheel has flat on it.
    Back is in need of repair reg on trailer YJ06 CPF.

    If you have seen this please contact Knaresborough Polcie on 01423 539512
    Ref NYP-27062012-0303
    Thanks for your help email as many of your farmers as you can please.
    Thanks again

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    it will be on its way to the middle east by now, you'll see it on tv driven around with rebel forces on the back, carrying russian arms.,,,,but they will have added Toyota stickers to look cool.

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    i dont suppose PKL will be far off the mark unfortunatly! have you contacted polaris? just incase in ends up in their dealers or workshops? am sure they could probarly put a marker on it within their own system.

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    Spoke to a farmer only last week in Clitheroe he had a quad stolen from a locked container , a luton van selling cheap mattresses was seen in the area at the time .

    The A59 forms a long corridor and the same gang ( applelby trot !!! ) could be working the area .

    Good luck

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