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Thread: A Busy Year With the .243

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    A Busy Year With the .243

    An account from my first year as a FAC holder…….
    Having spoke about “ getting a rifle” for a couple of years, I asked the FEO during a previous Shotgun certificate renewal, about a Firearm certificate explaining the land etc and she was ok with it.
    A year on, I filled out the forms and waited…
    During the interview the FEO threw me a curved ball; however I dealt with that on the spot and it went through ok.
    The cert had a mentoring condition on it that I wasn’t expecting as the FEO made a note on my file that I did not need one…
    I went out with a friend for three months and sent in the relative paper work for it to come back in a week with the condition removed. I have a number of farms quite local which I pigeons shot on; there are some deer and a great number of foxes as well.
    Chopping and changing guns is not my thing (I have had my grade 3 325 for 21 years).
    I made my choice of a Remington 700 & T8 mod and a cheap bi-pod! (Now a Harris) and brought a second hand Simmons (Now a Kahles) scope off a mate for 50.00.
    The first set up was ok as I shot a big red stag off one of the farms local to me, we had seen a couple of stags and several hinds during the time I was out with my friend working through the condition arrangement.

    Know on to the foxes! I brought a LF 170 and which worked great when hand held, however mounted on the Simmons caused no end of problems with light pollution.
    To the point I made an extension to lift it up 6 inches.
    I spotted a Kahles 3-12x56 in my local gun shop and chatted to the owner who has one on his rifle…So I brought one!
    I acquired 3 more farms and then had to deal with the Firearms department to get them cleared for my .243. That done I have been very busy on a farm with 900 sheep since late January with 38 foxes so far….not all shot by me as I take a couple of good friends who help with the lamping and gates so only fair to share a few foxes.
    My friend Werner makes his own version of the double V type, they might not be to everybody’s liking but I have taken to them very well. Shooting foxes on a windy night out in the middle of a field at 200 yards when the ground raises in-between is not easy, however off these it does help…

    As I mentioned earlier I enjoy pigeon shooting, but the massive acorn crop last year made it very slow going. The rifle has opened up a window for my self and provided good vermin control for one particular farm. That has resulted in the pigeon shooting from that farm.
    There are a number of Reds and Fallow which move through the farms I can shoot on so I will be pitting my self to a couple of them later in the year

    So over all it has been a busy first year so far, with my rifle accounting for one Red Stag, three Muntjac and forty plus foxes.

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    very well done tim, just remember farmers can be are a strange animal lol lol

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    What a cracking year you've had indeed!
    Where the hell are all you're foxes coming from??
    Carry on the good work.

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    Nice first year tim, hope you continue on this fine form of fox control!
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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