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Thread: Nokia Lumia 800 Advice Needed

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    Nokia Lumia 800 Advice Needed

    Hi, I have this bloody Nokia mobile which just isnt compatible with a forward thinking chap like myself...I would like to run one of the apps to show me the sunrise / sunset times and forecasted weather...Can these phones run apps like these? and do you have any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Hey Sparko,
    Looks like you need a weather app called "Amazing Weather" which not only lists loads of info about the weather it also includes sunrise and sunset times for your current location. You can get it for 1.49 from the Windows Phone App Store here have a read and see what you think, this is the review I found
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    Adam, thank you for that...I purchased and loaded it today and its just the job...Cheers

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    just go on nokia store, punch in free apps I have world weather and sunrise times, gps the area and presto
    and free.

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    I couldn't be bothered pulling out a phone all the time for that bought another Casio Protrek which gives all those functions and more.............brilliant watches

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