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Thread: barrel chop job !

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    barrel chop job !

    i have a brno 602 in 300 win mag and it has a whopping great 24 in barrel plus add a jet z mod which makes it about 28in all told , im thinking of chopping 4in of the end to make it a more useable tool instead of a clumbersome bazzoka !

    my question is , is 4in too much and how much velocity will i loose ?

    i home load so i know i can stoke up that whopping great case to make up for speed loss but im just curious what other members think !

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    I would not be tempted to shorten a .300WM barrel too much, the length is needed to utilise the powder capacity of the win mag case. I could be wrong but I think I have read somewhere that you will lose 50 fps per inch of removed barrel.

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    Dont do it!

    One of my stalking buddies has a 300 win mag and chopped the barrel by the length of his Jet Z to keep it the same length. It has completely ruined his rifle. I have always been a big fan of chopping barrels and have done many myself as you will see from previous posts but the drop in his rounds compared to mine (and another friends) 30/06 is terrible. Massive drop at 200 yards but more worrying is the lack of grouping. The rifle used to shoot really well..... not any more.
    You'd be turning it into a very expensive to shoot and load .308
    if your desperate for a shorter barrel get a 30/06 or 308 and save the money you would spend on powder.
    just my take buddy, i hope it works for you if you go for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    i have a brno 602 in 300 win mag and it has a whopping great 24 in barrel
    Maybe even a couple of inches too short on a .300 mag...
    I wouldn't chop it to less than 22in. I remember reading about police sniper (USA) tests where a .300 Win Mag barrel was chopped back from 26in to 20in at 1in increments; and 22in turned out to be the shortest that was practical (if I remember correctly it was using Federal Match 190gr ammunition). You might as well just re-chamber or re-barrel to .308 if you want to go to 20in and use much less powder.

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    Lee the nemesis have 338, 300, 308 and 260 barrels at 20".

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    You will lose acuracy at distance.If you shoot at things a fair way out dont do it fella.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 458lott View Post
    You will lose acuracy at distance.If you shoot at things a fair way out dont do it fella.
    How far do you want to shoot deer?

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    There are tousands of Browning Bar's in 300 win mag with 20 inch barrel sold across Europe. Never heard any complaints about them. But a magnum will probably be better of with 22 inch or more. A 3 kg, 30-06 with a 20" barrel and an A Tec CMM4 or a roedale ultralight would be more my cup of tea.

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    why on gods earth would you not just ditch the mod or sell the 602 to me!!! (does it have peep sights?)

    solution: take the mod off, smack yourself over the head with it for considering cutting the barrel in exchange for a mod, then use it to roll pizza dough. stick a muzzle brake on instead if anything mate., imagine the muzzle flash with a cut barrel, it would be like a black powder cannon sort of effect - LOL

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    Lee a lad in our area chopped his magnum down 5" to 21" it was very accurate before he cut not so when he finished plus he had a significant loss of fps he ended up rebarreling to where he had started from.
    I use a t8mag mod on my 26" mag, i was going to put a jet zet on it looked neater but all that weight on the end killed it.
    The t8m is bulky but seems to handle better with more weight to the rear.
    As far as performance opposed to handling i sometimes wish i had a couple more inches to match velocities stated on the internet.
    I went for a magnum and longer barrel length to optimize velocity with heavy projctiles, otherwise i would have stuck with the 20" .308. DF

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