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Thread: Hounds for heros

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    Hounds for heros

    I hope Admin wont mind a blatant plug but............

    I do feel however that I should point out that I am not in any of the pictures, I just know some one who is and i'm just doing my bit to spread the word!

    Let get this viral!!! Any of you with a twitter account, please get tweeting the link!!!

    One weekend in June, a group of strangers gathered in the Worcestershire countryside to raise money for charity. The idea was simple - to raise as much money as possible for a great cause by stripping off and having your picture taken with your gundog (and all done in good taste I must add!). The charity? Hounds for Heroes, who provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK armed forces and civilian emergency services.

    Do you want to see me naked? Check out

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    Saw this on a gun dog group earlier, great cause!

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