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Thread: Vet to doc tails near Wigan ??

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    Vet to doc tails near Wigan ??

    Does anyone know of a vet near to Wigan , Lancashire who will doc tails?
    My vet won't & all the local vets I have phoned have refused. It's not urgent as my Weimaraner bitch has just come into season, I just like to plan ahead.
    Cheers Wingy

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    Join the council of docked breeds once you are a member they will provide you a list of local vets

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    Thanks, take it that's just a google search & register on line? I'll have a look

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    Chris Mason bamber bridge Preston, He did my russell pups last year , just need shotgun licence and a smile for his receptionist . 01772 335799

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    Gardener and gillmor standish . Just need a shot gun licence mate cheers Neil

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    Thanks, I'll give them a ring, just didn't want travel miles with pups only a couple of days old

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    Hello pal long time no see good to see you've joined the sd at last.

    All the best mark.
    Galloway Deer Stalking

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