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Thread: Farewell, Stalking Directory

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    Thumbs up Farewell, Stalking Directory

    Quote -"Sean,

    We have discussed the matter and have come to the decision that the Stalking Directory is a rifle stalking site and as such we have decided that we cannot condone advertising bow hunting on the site, which means we have to decline your offer to become a trade member. I am sorry but we merely wish to protect the integrity of the site, hope you understand.

    John " - unquote

    Fellow Hunters

    It is with the utmost regret that this will be my last post on your wonderfull site.

    As a Professional hunter I assumed that my input as a Bowhunter / PH / Outfitter would expand the knowledge and information to the uninformed, on a different facet of Hunting.
    I have participated in several discussions, with an open mind, and have endured ( without justification ) numerous negative comments. The positives however, far out-weighing the negatives. Being a mature Professional Hunter, who spends more time walking and stalking the African bushveld than most men would be fortunate enough to be able to do, I have taken these comments and tried to explain our interpretation of Hunting, in depth, from a Professional perspective, to those, the ill-informed stereotypes.

    Sadly, it appears that only " Rifle Stalking" is Hunting, and Bow Hunting is not Hunting - either statement being somewhat confusing ? This is not for me to decide, for I am only a " Bowhunter" and these arm-chair expert interpretations are somewhat beyond me.

    To my Fellow "Brothers -In Arms " I bid you farewell, it has been my honour to be a part of your family, albeit a somewhat brief relationship. For me it has been a rewarding experience to interact with folk who are positively receptive to alternatives.
    I wish you all well, and some day, somewhere, whilst in the thicket, with your quarry within spitting distance from you, I trust you will spare a fleeting thought to :
    " I wonder what a Bow Hunter would've done if he was here "

    To the site Admin folk, thank you for your efforts, patience and understanding, truly a sad day where Democracy fails us all.

    Gents, hopefully some day, some where, you will grant me the honour of walking and stalking the African bushveld with you.

    Farewell !
    Yours in Bowhunting


    Now therefore, please take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me.
    Genesis 27 : 3

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    I for one will be sad to see you go as I have found your posts very informative.

    That said to be fair to the admins this site is the home of UK deer stalking and we sadly can't stalk with bows over here.

    PS I sent you a mail.

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    Pity, but no surprise really
    I would have liked to read more about bow hunting deer.It`s an amazing type of stalking but doesnt seem to sit well with some because our Govt decided to ban it, and lots of folk simply jump on their bandwagon.

    Good luck with your hunting bud


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    that's right, go back to
    Attachment 16930

    ..only joking mate ;-)

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    Huntings hunting,sorry I must of missed your thread,hunting with a bow has got to be more humaine than using snares and traps etc,always fancied a go on a proper bow but never got around to it,same goes for a crossbow,there is an awful lot of do gooders in this country,it's a wonder fishing isn't banned yet

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    if the day comes when rifles/firearms are banned...I'm sure everyone on here will be using a bow and the stalking directory will be 100% supportive, or in fact, 100% bow focused - LOL!

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    I haven't found any for a few years now but a couple of years ago I can confirm that Bow hunting was very popular.
    I know this because I found a few Roe Deer still running around with arrows in their haunches, obviously shot at when running away.

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    Admin have only denied you trade membership....doesn't stop you contributing to the site
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Admin have only denied you trade membership....doesn't stop you contributing to the site
    That's exactly what I was thinking!

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    Single cells think alike......or something like that
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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