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Thread: .270 Sako Action V Left Handed

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    .270 Sako Action V Left Handed

    Well I bought a BAT Custom in 7mm08 AI so the Sako .280AI project has now been officially shelved.

    .270 Sako Action V left handed in excellent condition. 425 with factory wood stock fitted or 625 with the McMillan black/grey swirly stock.

    A PES T12 stainless moderator is available to the buyer for an extra 95.

    Collect in Glasgow or will RFD for 20

    **** I'm after a left handed .223 so will consider a trade ****
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    Pm sent
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    In reply to PMs
    Rifle is the Action V ie the model prior to the 75. It has a hinged floor plate as opposed to the box mag on the 75.
    It is screw cut 1/2 x 20 UNF and has a knurled thread protector.
    It comes with a set of 1" QD rings.
    The rifle has seen very little use. I bought it on it's condition for a .280AI project from Neil at ProShooting.
    There are some pictures of it in one of my previous posts.
    Thanks for the interest Gents.
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