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Thread: Oban Sindicate on Fleebay..

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    Oban Sindicate on Fleebay..

    Hope the above site is OK to mention?

    If you search Deer Stalking on genric auction site above - has anyone seen it? Whats peoples thoughts?


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    I'm close to that area and know it. No idea who is running it, not some one I know. Not an area known for its deer.


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    Its pretty expensive 675 per gun x 4 = 2700 for 500 arces. That puts it about 5 per acre + vat for thicket stage woodland!

    My little syndicate has 4 members and we pay 200 each for 500 acres and weve killed almost 20 Roe so far with 8 weeks before the lease renews. We also have larger deer on the ground but so far have only managed to see dung and slots!!

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