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Thread: Merkel K4 Stutzen muzzle blast

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    Merkel K4 Stutzen muzzle blast

    Hi all,
    I am close to ordering a new Merkel K4 stutzen. I would like to order in 7x65R, 2nd choice would be the 7x57R.
    I will only be using RWS 177 grain ID classic projectiles or factory loaded ammo. My concern is not velocity loss from a short barrel, but more one of muzzle blast.
    Has anyone had any experience with either of these cartridges in rifles of very short overall length and barrel length?
    What was the muzzle blast like?
    Rifle specs are 20" barrel and an overall length of just 91cm or 36"!
    I would like a rifle I can use for rugged country in the summer months of Queensland Australia (40c plus and very high humidity) that I can put in a pack and keep both hands free for climbing.
    This rifles dimensions and extremely light weight are ideal.
    My main concern about the blast is I always hunt deer with my mate, a 3 year old German shorthaired pointer.
    I don't want a flame thrower that will cause him to develop a fear of the gun.
    Am I concerned about nothing?
    Any thoughts or experience shooting very short rifles would be appreciated.
    PS He is fine by my side shooting a R8 in 7x64. I just don't want to push it.

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    Not rimmed version, but often shoot Mannlicher in 7x64 with 20" barrel, I would not be too worried about it. I also shoot 20" .30-06, no big deal.

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    Thanks glogin,good to know.

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    The Merkel single shot rifle looks stunning, you must do a review, I was looking at getting a single shot blaser but have looked a few times at the merkel.

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    9.3, How loud will it be? just like a short barreled .270W. It can not be any different, but then how many shots will you fire when out for a hunt. I have hunted with dogs alot and a used a a S&W 686 in .357 to take pigs for a brief tiime. Firstly dogs hate direct muzzle blast, there hearing is very sensitive and they very quickly learn where it comes from and to move away from it. After a few bad experiences with the .357 blast, when shooting held pigs, my dog started letting go of the pigs as my hand moved to the holster to grab the S&W. You dog will learn to move out of the direct blast area quickly if it bothers him, his ears are more sensitive than yours.

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    I have a combination gun in 7x65R with a 25" barrel. The rifle is no louder than the shotgun - its just a big boom. A 20" will defianatelly be louder, but like poster above I have shot a short barreled Mannlicher in 7x64 in the past but didin't really notice it as being excessivly loud.

    Only side by side comparison was shoting my 243 with a 23" barrel alongside a friends - a ruger lightweight, with an 18" barrel - the latter was definately louder but not excessivly so. What makes it lot more uncomfortable is when muzzle breaks are involved - I was once was alongside a muzzle breaked 25-06 (quite why a 25-06 needs breaking but that's another argument) and that hurt.

    Given that your hound will be alongside / behind when shot goes off I doubt he would notice the difference - it will still be loud even if you went with a 25" barrel.

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    Thanks guys, some good info there. I think I will go for the 7x57R (If available) and keep loads to a moderate level. I don't need to take shots past 200 metres max. The most important thing to me is my dog, and that both hands are free to climb and carry a very long stick sometimes. I cannot order for sometime as the K4 Stutzen is a new model currently being costed etc. The factory are going to advise me when more info is available. I can order the K3 Stutzen but want to wait for the K4 with octaganl barrel with steel reciever, as I prefer more weight. I also have a georgous left handed Heym SR20 in 7x57 to sell first.
    Mountainstalker, very interesting to hear your feedback on how you dog reacts to the muzzle blast. At the end of the day I want ti to be a good expirience for him not bad.

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    9.3, summer hunting in QLD? To hot for deer hunting.. anywhere in aust, your meat will spoil.. Hill country.. put in a pack and keep hands free for climbing...Granite belt goats? Caliber choice will have no impact at all on how your dog reacts. He will learn to stay out of the way. Pick what ever you want , not much difference between them. It may take a few shots but dogs learn quick.

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    In the 7x65r I use 51.5g of imr4831 under a 139g soft point - nice and mild - just like a 7x57. I have a left handed sr20 in 243 - they are really lovely rifles.

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    I have a drilling in 7x57R with a 60 cm barrel and it is also just a boom not a crack. I always put one plastic earplug in my left ear too as that ear gets the main blast shockwave.

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