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Thread: finally caught up with a good cull.....

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    finally caught up with a good cull.....

    I've been seeing a small buck for the past 4 weeks or so now, with a single antler/spike with no tines. Having clearly decided this one really needed to go, sods law kicked in and every attempt I've made since has resulted in me bumping him at every turn, never getting a safe shot, or just seeing him running off into the sunset......
    I have to say though, it doesn't half make stalking more interesting when you set yourself a specific target, rather than just stalking the first beast you bump into, and this morning, after numerous attempts, I finally caught up with him. In fact, he made it rather easy as he and a doe were milling about in one of the fields next to the drive way on the farm, so I clocked him as I arrived, parked up then a rather uneventful stalk ensued to get him in the bag.
    I'm pleased he's out of the way before the rut kicks off though! Happy days, and worth the 3:30 start this morning!
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    Nice one,well done....looks like you skinned him off ready for mounting????.....

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    Na, just skinned it with the head on for some reason.....won't be getting stuffed.

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    Hope you've got Unicorn conditioned on you ticket


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    Is this what they would class as a 'murder buck'?
    Never had the pleasure of seeing one like this.
    Well done!!!

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