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Thread: Hi from Alexj

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    Hi from Alexj

    I live in Surrey, have been shooting for five or six years, shotguns mainly.
    The thing that started it all off, was a hunting trip with a friend in SA. Having had to borrow rifles up until now, I am just in the process of applying for my FAC.
    The person who I will be going out with, has quite a variety of species on his bits of land, including boar, so thinking 308 or 30-06? Any advice gratefully received.



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site...

    308 would be my choice
    Cheap brass
    Lots of reloading info
    Lots of 2nd hand guns for sale
    excellent round for the UK


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    hi Alex and welcome. I've only recently joined too. My thoughts would be - you don't want to upset a boar, so 30-06 if yuo are lucky enough to get boar on ticket. Otheriwse, .308 super alrounder. Doubtless you will receive lots of other recommendations soon.

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    The 308 will not let you down it can be a lot of gun if you want or a pea shooter you make your choice
    As I'm trying to say a good alrounder for all game just pick your load to suit.

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    Thanks to all, for the feed back and advice, it does seem like 308 is the likely candidate.


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