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Thread: Stalker Assesment Test in Ireland?

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    Stalker Assesment Test in Ireland?

    Hi all,

    I am a novice stalker..(only bunnies really) as I only have a license for a .22lr here in Ireland. I used to stalk deer with my family 30+ years ago as a child in the U.S. but 30 years is a long time and things change. Anyway, I am thinking of taking the HCAP assesment here in Ireland as I want to improve my knowledge of deer, habitat and firearms safety etc. I am also hoping that this certification will make it easier to get permissions, stalk on National foresty lands and give the Garda less reason to deny my application for a larger caliber (.243, .270). So, have any ROI stalkers on this forum studied the Stalker Training Manual and taken the HCAP written assesment and range test? If so, can you give me your thoughts on it and any advise? Not sure if I'm am going about this the right way but additional training/knowledge is never a bad thing. Thanks in advance!

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    you need HCAP to get a Coillte lease your own name, and they were talking about a deadline for permit holders to have HCAP as well. As regards getting a firearms licence home security seems to matter more to the Garda than qualifications in my experience. I did DSC and game meat hygiene as well as i have an annual trip to UK. You meet a mix of people on these courses, and you will pick up tips and info. Look up the shooting section on There are no holds barred when it comes to expressing opinions on this site, but you will learn some of the pitfalls that exist, ie some superintendents are making up their own restrictive rules as they go along. First thing is to get a good relationship going with your local Garda. Good luck and good hunting.

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    Check out this website. Wild Deer Ireland - Home
    they offer quite a lot, like workshops to prepare for your HCAP test, range prep tests and carcass handling seminars.
    You will also meet many experienced deer stalkers.

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