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Thread: Sythetic stocks

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    Sythetic stocks

    Are all synthetic stocks much heavier than their wooden counterparts?

    If just bought a Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks stock(that was a mouthful!) for my air rifle and though a very nice piece of kit and steady on aim, it aint alf heavy mum! Got me thinking whether it's the same the world over, as I've always coveted a synthetic stocked rifle, but my 595 has a wooden stock, and looks very nice in it too.

    Are laminate stocks any better?

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    synthetic stocks

    synthetic stocks can be made as light or as heavey as you require
    depends on material used. Solid polymer are much heavier than glass fibre or kevlar and carbon "lay ups" which can be as light as a few ounces.

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    Laminated stocks are usually very heavy as the material is very dense..

    They can be made lighter, but it usually involves a fair amount of work and it drives the up...

    With regards synthetics, as fireball says they can vary in weight quite a lot..The cheaper fibre glass stocks are usually the heaviest, while the more expensive carbon fibre ones can be almost half the weight..

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    One could split synthethic stocks into two main groups. The injection moulded stocks that are mainly of medium weight maybe 900 grams to 1500g for a hunting rifle. The materials used have very low stiffnes and strength, not what one wants on an precision instrument. Secondly composite stocks. Composite stocks range from 500g up to 2kg for a hunting rifle depending on who makes it or what the customer wants.
    I've seen walnut stocks weighing from 850g to laminated ones almost 2kg, so also a large range.
    Some composite stocks are built with technologies similar to fiberglass boat building and others more towards aerospace technologies and materials.
    Personally I don't see any sense in kevlar being used in a stock. Carbon and high end glass is the way to go.

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    Wood stocks, from gun to gun, although identical in shape and size can also weigh greatly different. Up to two ounces in some cases. It depends on the density of the wood.

    Indeed when selecting wood for a shot gun that was fitted with a long stock that was very important. As by selecting a lighter wood meant the weight could be kept down to that of a similar shot gun fitted with a shorter stock using a heavier wood.

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    Ok, next question! Does anyone know of a second hand lightweight synthetic stock to fit a Tikka 595 in left hand that might be fore sale?

    I would appreciate it if people would have a root around in the backs of their garages and workshops, in amongst the hens teeth and rocking horse muck if you find the time.....


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    Plastic Pigs should be banned.

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