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Thread: cover crops

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    cover crops

    the maize has not done as well as i would have liked and another application of slug pellets was put on today with seed failing to appear in the wheelings from waterlogging ,two covers may well be re drilled .never mind if its not one thing it will be another and i have started to mow around the pens and through the elephant grass before it gets crazy high .any you guys having problems seems a few round here on heavy ground are the same .

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    we are ok here on my patch of norfolk , others aint fairing so good. pens already being used and the little *******s are out and about already
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    hi doug,
    my covers are *****!!!
    i put it down to the heavy rain fall when drilling, and the prolonged rain fall after.
    might have to broadcast a mixture and see how it goes.
    finnish of preping pens on sat morn as birds arrive sun morn.
    cheers, mark.

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    blimey wont get my birds till 1st week in aug then partridge week after weather permitting my game farmer came tonight and had an old rearing shed and shelter from me says its been a difficult rearing season with the weather, hope you get on alright with the birds mark
    cheers doug

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    All of the maize that I have seen has been very poor this year. My elephant grass is going well and would imagine it will be it's usual 15' plus. The grass is too high everywhere, with even the first cut too tall to see foxes in. It has hampered my foxing for a fortnight and most roe are only visible by their ear tips. First batch coming next week - anyone got several thousand umbrellas going spare? - and stilts

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    Our maize is struggling, on light ground is about 2'' high and yellow and only just coming in heavier ground. Kale is crap as well., Everything has been hammering covers as it isn't able to grow fast enough!

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    just been around all the game plots and they are a bit rubbish with weed ,poor plant growth ,large patchs of missing plants .well i've made a list for the farm office and 3 plots to reseed when this dam weather allows .its not their fault all down to weather conditions this year but if its not put right i cant see a very good season ahead as we have very little wood ...... glum or what !

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    watch out for slugs they are a real and present danger a 338 lm i consider a perfect caliber for them
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    Maize around here is about 2-4 inch and not looking bad but need heat now.
    I was lucky ish. Shoot policy /politic changed this year a little so crops were left to go 2nd year and most look well.
    R.C. grass is about 4 ft and going to seed, chicory is similar.
    Thank god i never tried to drill our clay land.
    My biggest problem is i have some time off stalking now to get the partridge pens netted and ready, I cannot drive anywhere without tearing the land up and with things as they are the landowner would flip, we are on a sticky wicket as it is. ****ing horses. (thats another story)

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    so glad i have elephant grass on a fair few plots it is already over head height and i have already mowed the partridge pen strips in them gotta kick my arse into gear but this weather just dosn't motivate me at all ,i am a grumpy keeper according to the wife and will be for a while now till the harvest is rapped up and the cubs are accounted for .i feel the need for some r and r and i've not done anything yet !

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